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The bookshelf houses the resources and tools utilized by Almadina Teachers.

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  • Virtue Program Introduction

    The Almadina Virtues program is an integral piece in our students character education, as well as a very important component of our charter. ALCA works hard to do their P.A.R.T through showing that they care with kindness, fairness and perseverance.

    We use the key vocabulary from our Almadina Virtues program to shape and nurture the character, skills and qualities that students need in order to be successful lifelong learners. Using Michele Borba’s “Seven Essential Virtues”, we expose our students to the 5 main virtues which are conscience, acceptance, respect, empathy and self-control.

    D. Haziri — Grade 3 ALCA Teacher

  • Virtues/Character Education - Elementary

  • Virtues/Character Education - Middle School

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